Monday, October 30, 2006

Home Again Home Again Jigitty Jig

Yes, I'm back home after a very long (well not really long but it seemed long) 3-day trade show. Granted, I was in Florida and yes, I did get to hang out with my SIL for an evening but still...

So anyway, I'm back and hyper-focused on Halloween. Jacob is going to be Superman and Hannah will be Cinderella (or Rella if you ask her). I'm debating if I should be SuperMom or a Fairy GodMother. I tossed around the idea of Wonder Woman but decided that tights and I just DO NOT get along. I wouldn't want to scare the neighbors or anything.

On other subjects...we went to the second show of our season tickets at the Hippodrome. It was Twelve Angry Men. It was very well done. You really got angry, or offended or moved. It brought up a dicussion on our way out of the theatre that really got me thinking. We were walking out and Melissa mentioned that she thought the 'kid' on trial must be Black to which I said, quite shocked, that I always figured he was Hispanic. So I had to go see who 'the others' would have been at the time the play was written. What's funny is that the original play was written in the 1930s when 'those people' would have likely been Polish or Itailian immigrants. The Hispanic and African American population didn't really rise until the 1950's (you remeber West-Side Story right?). So there you go. Amazing how you percieve things based on your experiences. This would be a great Sociology experiment.

Anyway...I'll check in with some Trick or Treat pictures in a day or two.