Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Private Parts

Yesterday we got a note from the teacher because "Jacob was engaging in inappropriate bathroom behavior". Yes folks, my boy was comparing notes. Do boys just come out of the womb like that or what? I don't think there is a girl alive that has wanted to do this. Maybe it's just the way our parts are situated but I really don't think so.

So anyway, Phil and Jacob had to have the "private parts are called private for a reason" talk. I guess if it wasn't my kid I would find this whole thing highly amusing and I guess I do find it a little bit amusing but still...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Birthday Bliss

Jacob's birthday party was a total success! All the kids had a great time! We had some pro-bowlers in this group let me tell you. Some of these kids can wing an 8 lb ball like nobodies business! The boys had fun driving the video games while waiting for their next turn.

After bowling we had pizza, soda, cake and icecream and just when everyone was good and sugared up...we brought out the gifts. It was total mayhem and so very much fun! As you can see from the pictures, Jacob made out like a bandit.