Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vacationitis Part II

It's that time again. Time for the Coombers to head north to the wilds of upstate NY. I'm really looking forward to some fun in the sun with the kids. They are both finally old enough where we can go for a few hours and they'll entertain themselves with a sand castle and make friends on the beach.

It's also time for the Wheeler family reunion so we'll get to see everyone that we never see too.

Hopefully I'll return refreshed and full of great stories and pictures to post. I really need this vacation. I'm only half joking when I talk about being commited to a mental institution. I need some MAJOR stress relief.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You must go here and make a MushyGushy! or if you want to view mine...and it's still available go here

You'll laugh till you cry!

Dad's Day at the Coombers

Says it all doesn't it?

Forgot to post the graduation!

My baby boy has just graduated from preschool! I am officially the mom of a kindergartener. Here he is with his teacher Miss Sarah. You can see how proud he is in the picture.
The ceremony was just too cute for words. They did a skit on Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and then sang a song about five friends. They each received an award too. Jacob got the junior builder award. No suprise there since he is constantly building something: tents, bridges, k'nex, legos. He comes by that honestly that's for sure.
So now its on to kindergarten and a whole new world. My 'no change is good' self is apprehensive but my 'go out and conquer' self is cheering him on. Go Jake!

Singin the Blues

I woke up this morning
With a cat on my head
My children insisted
That I get out of bed

Made me some coffee
Left it sit in the house
Now I have nothing
to get rid of the grouch

I'm really grumpy
and dragging my feet
Why won't anybody
let me go back to sleep?

I'm singing the early morning blue ooos.

Another one bites the dust

Ok, I just had to share. My baby brother has tied the knot. Never thought I'd see the day but there you go. Happily married to a wonderful woman name Jenni. I'm very happy for them both and couldn't have asked for a better SIL.

Back from the Looney Bin...Sort of

Sorry I've been so remis in posting. I promised Halloween pictures and then....nothing.

Well here are Superman and Rella getting ready to take the town for every piece of unattended candy, and I do mean EVERY piece. Those little treat bags were seriously full.