Monday, August 27, 2007

Diaper Free!

I almost forgot to tell! Hannah is using the potty! I am so close to being done with diapers I can smell it (yes I intended that pun, forgive me). We explained that she can't go to pre-school if she doesn't use the potty and, whallah, she's potty trained. Go figure. I am sooo looking forward to NO MORE DIAPERS!!!! Yippee!

First Day of School

It's finally baby has gone to school. Where did the time go? He's just so grown up all of a sudden. He anxiously waited for the bus to come, understandable since it was 20 minutes late, and let me hug him goodbye but not while the bus was in sight. Then he calmly walked up the steps, chose a seat, and away he went. No tears, no hesitation, just curiosity. I'M SO VERY PROUD OF HIM.

O R I O L E S !

Phil and I took the kids to their very first ball game. Sounds exciting doesn't it? And it was untill the heavens opened and the rain came down. We got to sit in our seats but that was about it. We ended up running back to the car and heading home. The game ended up starting but there was no way we could've sat there for 2 1/2 hours with the kids. Not without spending our mortgage payment on stuff to eat. Any way, here are the 2 pictures I took before the deluge hit.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Last Friday Melissa and I took the trek to DC to see Keith Urban in concert. I knew we were in for a good show but WOW! Not only is this man hotter than hot but he sings like and angel and rocks out like I remember the classic rock artists used to. I haven't seen a show that good since I saw U2 in college. I mean, this man can play guitar! I was mesmerized.

I clapped so much that my hands were sore the next day and I screamed so loud that I was hoarse. I felt like a teenager again.
So, for your viewing pleasure I put some of my fav shots from the show up here. Didn't I say he is hot?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Party Time - Hannah's 3rd B-day

Mommy watched the grilluntil Daddy took over. Lots of hungry people to feed!
Sydney showed us some of her cheers.
The Extra Special Dora Cake was a huge hit!
Everyone Sang Happy Birthday
Hannah opened tons of gifts
Ben & Jake had a great time swimming