Friday, October 26, 2007

Prentending to be SuperMom again

I've just volunteered to bring the Halloween Jello Jigglers for the Halloween Party at Jacob's school and I don't have the slightest clue what I'm doing. I think I should have chosen to just buy the little Halloween party favors instead. I know...your thinking "How hard can it be, it's Jello for goodness sake!". But that's just it...I do not have a good track record with Jello. I usually end up with a strange syrup despite the fact that I've followed the directions to the letter. Worse is the fact that they need to look like the picture. Luckily I have the Halloween cutters since my wonderful MIL brought them over to make cookies with the kids. I've been told that if you coat the pan with PAM before you pour the Jello in, they'll release from the pan better. I think this will be a project for when the kids are in bed. We have enough angst over cookie dough not releasing from the cutters. So much for SuperMom. I guess I'll have to turn in my cape.

Alright! Alright! I'm going to stop whining now and go attempt to pull this off. I'll try and post the results in a few days. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Fall, leaves, fall; die, flowers, away; Lengthen night and shorten day; Every leaf speaks bliss to me Fluttering from the autumn tree.

Emily Bronte

Oh don't you just love Autumn? All those beautiful colors, the warm days with crisp nights, Halloween and Thanksgiving. I think it may be my very favorite time of year.

The kids and I celebrated the wonderful fall day yesterday by jumping in a huge pile of leaves. It really was a lot of fun and the kids giggled the whole time.

Jack Be Nimble

Well our Jack O Lanterns turned out perfectly!

Jacob's is on the left, Hannah's is on the right and the morbid one in the middle is Daddy's.

Here's a close up so you can see it and all it's fascinating gore. We all agree it is COOL!

Pumpkin Pickin

This weekend we had a total blast. We went to a local farm and took a hayride to the pumpkin patch. It's sort of a tradition now. We've done this every year since Jacob was 2.

Once we reach the pumpkin patch we trek across the entire patch in search of just the right pumpkin. Not any easy thing to do. Some were just way to big and invariably a perfect seeming pumpkin from afar has major issues up close.

After our search is successful, we all head to the local diner for some much needed refreshment and then it's home to carve!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Has it been that long!

My gosh! It's been over a month since I've posted! I'm really not very good at this. Well at least I've returned with a great picture. It's a picture from this summer when we all made the trip to Camp. (Photo courtesy of Amanda). For those of you that don't know, camp is on Sandy Pond in Sandy Creek, NY. You wake up in the morning and walk out to the cool breeze coming off of Lake Ontario and see the beautiful scene of Sany Pond glistening in the morning sun. Take a deep breath of crisp clean air and then mosey on down to the dock and watch the geese swim while you sip your coffee. Are you jealous yet?
We're in the midst of our winter preperations here and just thinking about Camp helps chase away the looming winter blues.