Wednesday, January 23, 2008

10 Years of Wedded Bliss

On February 7th it will be 10 years that my hubby has had to put up with my ISSUES (and I his but we won't go into that).

Long ago I said I wanted to get re-married in Vegas by Elvis for our 10th but time and money have nixed that plan.

So I Googled 10th Anniversary to find some ideas. Did you know that the Traditional 10th wedding anniversary gift is Aluminium and Tin. So my mind immediately went to the gutter. I'm certain that I could spring for a roll of Aluminium foil but do you know that there are actually laws against wearing Aluminium underwear? I did find an alternative in these Calvin Klein Steel underwear but I guess thats more of a gift for myself .

A contemporary or modern Tenth anniversary gift has a theme of Diamond Jewelery but alas we come up against the lack of money situation again. No diamond anniversary band for me and no diamond studded lingerie for hubby. LOL!

The flowers associated with the Tenth anniversary are Daffodils and while I do like Daffodils I don't love them so I think not.

So if anyone has an idea that costs...well basically nothing...drop me a line. I could use the help.


Burbanmom said...

Happy 10th! I wish I had a great idea for you, but I don't... give me a day or two to mull it over, though... who knows that might come to mind ;-)

Patrick and I will be celebrating our tenth this year too, so if you DO get any ideas, please pass them along!

Jennifer said...

Happy 10th back at you! Does time fly or what?