Thursday, May 08, 2008

Can I just say 'DUH'

I just have to comment on today's 'news' that American families are feeling the economic crunch and how it is effecting women versus men.

Excerpted from a piece on Yahoo news -

Another reason politicians aren't making hay of the plight of males is that they are well aware that women are in no mood for it. Working-class and lower-middle-class women in particular, whether or not their men have jobs, are feeling economically stressed, says Bill McInturff, a pollster for Senator John McCain. He adds, "In focus groups they talk about how 'I'm taking care of my parents, his parents, buying groceries, taking kids to the doctor.' These women are tired."

Once again I get the feeling that the politicians all have their heads up their butts. This is nothing new so I'm left saying 'DUH' to this quote and wondering why they needed focus groups to figure it out.


Heather said...

TOTALLY unrelated, but we're going to be at Brennan's Beach the weekend of June 20-22 - any chance you guys will be at camp? (I hope!) If not, will you be coming to the family reunion? (I hope!)

HappyAunt said...

We'll see you at the reunion but we won't be at Brennan's Beach this weekend.

Heather said...

That's ok! The weather isn't going to be very good this weekend anyway! I'm so excited you'll be at the reunion!