Thursday, June 19, 2008

Storm Damage

On 6/10/2008 a storm went through Sandy Creek, NY and winds at Greene Point were clocked at 109 MPH. We got off very lucky with a broken window, a small area on the right side where the siding peeled back and the antenna has been flattened. Our neighbors did not fair as well. There was a lot of damage at the point with a number of trailers tipped over, rooves peeled off and many trees down. The power was out for about 2 days but the water system is the real problem. The trees that were ripped from the ground also ripped the water pipes out. The ELMS lost 75% or more of their trees and they aren't sure when they will reopen for business. The trees at Greene Point look like they were twisted off.

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Burbanmom said...

Yikes. Glad to hear the Coomber trailer wasn't hurt too bad. Hope they are able to get the water system up and running before you guys head north.